Academie Camac: 28th April – May 5th, 2018

“When I was a harp student, I was lucky enough to take part in summer courses. These greatly influenced my perspectives, and introduced me to all sorts of new music. I also met fellow course participants, who became life-long friends. 

Today, as a harp maker, my raison d’être is to be in the service of harpists. For many years, it had been a dream of mine to be able to offer young students some working conditions I would have dearly loved to have benefited from, at their age. 

This project came to fruition in 2014, when the first Académie Camac took place under the tutelage of the legendary Germaine Lorenzini. For our third edition in 2018, Isabelle Perrin will be the professor, and the Académie Camac will take place in Dijon, at the magnificent residence of our friend Olivier Troubat.”

Jakez François

President, Camac Harps France 


  • Work intensively with one of the world’s greatest harp teachers, under the best possible conditions, at the beautiful Marcs D’Or in Dijon, France.
  • Daily individual lesson with Isabelle Perrin.
  • Individual concert grand harp for practising as much as you like, when you like.
  • Daily, but not compulsory, informal performance opportunities.
  • Places are limited to allow intensive tuition.
  • Apart from your travel to the course location (Dijon), all costs are covered by Camac Harps.

Isabelle Perrin

From a very young age, Isabelle Perrin has been passionate about the harp. She began her training at the Conservatoire National de Région de Nice (she gave her first public recital at the age of seventeen), then continued her studies at the Juillliard School of Music in New York before joining the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and later on the Orchestre National de France as co-principal harpist during 25 years.

An international soloist, Isabelle Perrin is regularly invited to play with prestigious ensembles such as the Northwest Sinfonietta (USA), the Orchestre Symphonique d’Oshawa-Durham (Canada), the Coastal Symphony of Georgia (USA), the National Symphony Orchestra (Ireland), the BBC Wales Orchestra (Wales), the Orchestre Symphonique de Bruxelles (Belgium), the Darwin Symphony Orchestra (Australia), the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland), the Korean Chamber Orchestra (South Korea), the Xiamen Symphony Orchestra (China), as well as numerous French orchestras, including the Orchestre national de France, the Orchestre national d’Ile-de-France, the Orchestre national de Lille, the Orchestre national du Capitole de Toulouse, the Orchestre national des Pays de la Loire, the Orchestre national de Lorraine…


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Académie Camac 2014

Photos: Camac Harps 

Academie Camac 2014

How to Apply

Our academy is open to our young clients aged between eighteen and thirty on April 28th, 2018. Please read the Académie Camac FAQs carefully. Then, simply send a CV, a covering letter stating why you would like a place, and a recommendation from your teacher, to Helen Leitner, Artist Relations Manager. If you have any questions about your application, don’t hesitate to ask! 

Closing date for applications: January 31, 2018


Académie Camac FAQs

What is special about the Académie Camac?

A smart way to get the best out of really good people is to give them a lot of one-to-one tuition, provide them with great study conditions – and then, to leave them alone. This study model has been practised by the best universities for centuries, but because it is expensive, it is under increasing pressure. At the Académie Camac, you can work how you like. You can perform, or not perform; watch other lessons, or practise by yourself; sit at the harp for many hours a day, go for a walk, read a book or have a chat with your fellow participants. This deliberately free structure means that the course is best suited to older students and young professionals. 

I’m not eighteen yet. Can you make an exception? My parents will sign a letter saying it’s fine.

In France you need a special authorisation to run residential events involving  minors. We do not have this, so we cannot make any exceptions. Look on it as yet another reason to celebrate your eighteenth birthday joyfully!

What does “young client” mean? 

“Young client” means that you play a Camac harp. 

But my harp is a different make. Why is it an issue? 

We have absolutely nothing against your choice of a different make of harp – the most important thing, above all else, is to choose the harp you love the most. What however you have to remember is that the money we invest in sponsorship comes from the sales of our harps. The choice of a harp is a gesture of faith in a maker on the part of the harpist. It is important to us to be worthy of this trust.

The Académie Camac costs a significant amount per student to run, so it is a big piece of sponsorship.  It is simply not fair on those who have chosen our harps, to invest this level of support in those who have not, instead of in them. We run many other events and opportunities which are open to all – read all about them on our blog!

I don’t own a harp at all. Can I still apply? 

The Académie Camac has only limited places, so to be honest there are usually enough deserving candidates with Camac harps. We do however  know very well how difficult it can be to afford a harp. What we suggest you do is email Helen, with your CV and describing your situation. Even if you don’t get a place at the Académie Camac, we will at least know who you are and we will do our best to be helpful. 

Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you! 

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