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An invitation to a journey: our new Ulysse

We are very proud to announce the latest development in our range: the Ulysse. An ultra-light, highest-quality concert lever harp created together with Elisa Vellia, the Ulysse is a 34-string harp that weighs just over 8 kg. Elisa dreamed of a robust, light and reliable harp, with a deep and rich sound, for traveling to audiences throughout the world. After months of work, Jakez François, our master craftsmen and our in-house engineers have turned this vision into reality.



The Ulysse combines centuries-old traditions of luthiery, in particular through a magnificent spruce soundboard, with innovative modern materials such as carbon fiber and titanium. It is the quintessence of a savoir-faire acquired through years of experience with fine instruments, such as those that are the pride of our company: for example our Concert MélusineAzilizJanet and Telenn Kadiou. This expertise is combined with our state-of-the-art developments from the DHC ultra-light ElectroHarp.


The Ulysse is strung with Alliance fluorocarbon strings, for a supple yet strong touch ideal for traditional music.

Happy are they, like Ulysses

Who have journeyed well

Joachim du Bellay


2 Replies to “An invitation to a journey: our new Ulysse”

  1. Shelley Neal says:

    Can you please tell me if there are distributors for Camac harp near Toronto , Ontario, Canada

    1. Helen Leitner says:

      Hello Shelley, Jules Saint-Michel is our distributer in Montréal, Otherwise the closest to you would be the Virginia Harp Center’s New Jersey store.

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