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Welcome Nicki to the Camac Team

Nicki GuinoiseauCamac France has a new team member: bienvenue and welcome to Nicki Guinoiseau! Nicki has joined us as our export administrator in our Mouzeil headquarters – so, if you’re having a harp shipped, she is your port of call. 

Originally from Wales, Nicki studied French at university. Her year abroad as part of these studies took her to Angers, not far from Camac…and Nicki never left. She’s now lived in the Pays de la Loire for over twenty-five years. 

After some years as a bilingual executive assistant in the automobile industry, Nicki  went back to college to study international commerce, then moved into international sales and export. She spent fifteen years with a well-known toy company: sales administration, shipping, after-sales service, and making sure “that everything goes smoothly from A-Z”, she explains. 

Used to representing a wide range of products throughout Northern and Eastern Europe, America, Australia and Asia, Nicki is now discovering our harp range. “It’s a lot to learn”, she says, “once you start getting into all the finishes, string options, types of levers and specificities…and it’s interesting! I have known about Camac for a long time, and the company reputation and culture really appealed to me. It feels like a family and I’m also looking forward to getting to know the harp community.”

Fun fact: Nicki is also a qualified architectural drafter. If you’re not sure how to pack your harp in a flight box, you also know who to ask for a great explanatory sketch.

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