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Camac welcomes Odyssey Harps

There’s a new galaxy in the Camac universe: Odyssey Harps. Odyssey is a small harp with big ideas: compact, light, and it looks and sounds gorgeous. It’s an ideal travel harp, a great choice for beginners, and the gateway to a community united by their love of the harp.

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In the Odyssey universe, you’ll also find a teach-​yourself book to get started with your harp, a collection of sheet music specially arranged for its 27 strings, and the Odyssey Club – fun and friendly, full of tips and ideas. Feel like an adventure? Climb aboard!

4 Replies to “Camac welcomes Odyssey Harps”

  1. Michaela Hrstková says:


    How much does it cost?

    Thank you very much!

  2. Santiago Di Morales says:

    Good morning from México
    I will love to inquire about this beautiful instrument., price and so for!
    Thank you so much with anticipation!

  3. Can tell how much it costs to odyssey harp beinngers book

    1. Helen Leitner says:

      Of course, it’s €10 plus the shipping option of your choice. Here is the link to order it online: Best regards, Camac Harps.

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