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Deborah Henson Conant: 5-day Baroque Flamenco Harp challenge!

For many of us, especially those who are devoted amateurs, tackling new repertoire, particularly well-known staples, can seem somewhat daunting. And as with so many skills, sometimes structured exercises within a supportive framework can be the key to gaining confidence.

If you’re looking for such a framework to energise your playing and gain confidence, join our great friend Deborah Henson-Conant for the free 5-Day BAROQUE FLAMENCO Challenge, (April 8-14, 2024)

It’s five-day course, using an approachable, simplified version of one of Deborah Henson Conant’s most joyful and recognisable compositions. The learner can move at their own pace; once signed up, you get a daily 15-minute video training, complete with play-alongs and challenges. Each day, you do the training, complete the challenges and by the end – you will even be improvising!  This is a chance to meet harpists from all over the world, and learn about this piece from the composer ( and there are prizes!).

To sign up, head over to Deborah’s website now.  The legendary “DHC” is ready to help you create a powerful, beautiful soul-stirring experience for yourself and your audience.


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