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First Danish Harp Days: Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd April, 2022

First Danish Harp Days


Something that’s very important to Camac is bringing opportunities and service to harpists close to their homes. We particularly love to bring teachers and guest artists together in collaborative projects, co-creating the programmes and learning from everybody’s expertise. To this end, Camac CEO Eric Piron and Copenhagen harpist Lovisa Wennesz have long been planning the First Danish Harp Days.

“I attended many of Eric’s events in Sweden”, says Lovisa, “and I really liked the concept. I was able to bring my Big Blue easily for a service – free of charge, even! – and enjoy a top-level artistic programme at the same time. I was also always able to discover something new at the harp exhibitions. I had been unfamiliar with lever harp fluorocarbon strings for example, and it’s great to be able to try them for yourself, and hear from Eric about why Camac makes such extensive use of them.

I felt it was important to organise something in Denmark, which is quite a small harp community but a very enthusiastic one. It’s also an expanding community, more and more children want to start the harp and during the lockdowns, they even wanted to start from the complete beginning, online.

When I first started talking to Eric about holding harp days in Denmark, he asked me what I wanted and I said that while I wanted a strong classical element for sure, I’d like to hear his ideas for the programme too. We decided to do a classical and Celtic programme, welcoming Alexandra Bidi for a classical recital and masterclass, and Aurore Bréger for a Celtic concert and workshop. I’m really pleased about this because most of the music school students have the lever harp at home of course. Some want to play the pedal harp later and through Alexandra, they’ll experience what they can aspire to. Others want to continue with the lever harp, and they’ll experience what they can aspire to, as well!

Providing new impetus and inspiration is a really big part of the Danish harp days. I could feel the students were very tired, after all the lockdowns. Everyone is in the same boat there, of course. Now they have a big goal to work for, and a great motivation too because they can all attend the whole weekend, hear different concerts and experience many different, top-level things that the harp and harpists can do.”

The First Danish Harp Days are free of charge to attend: maximum accessibility is another important sponsorship principle for Camac. We do however recommend that you book your places in advance (and this is essential for the complimentary regulations of Camac harps). Bookings can be made with Lovisa directly, who stresses that “This event is for everyone! For my class, for colleagues, for their classes…it is a completely open weekend and we will be delighted to welcome everyone to the Farum Kulturhus.”

After more than two years of waiting, there’s no need to wait any longer! All information can be found here on the Camac agenda. We look forward to seeing you all in Denmark.

Danish Harp Days

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