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For every harp we make, we plant a tree

One Tree Planted is a nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation – and they help companies like us do our bit. With their support, for every harp we make, we will plant a tree. 

It all began when we knew we wanted to make a contribution, and started researching how best we could do it. Reforestation makes most people think about replacing rainforests and carbon offsetting, and indeed this is consistently identified by scientists as one of the top solutions to the climate crisis. We soon learnt that there are also many other reasons to plant trees. 

One Tree Planted’s projects span the globe, and involve many people. They work with schools, with biodiversity experts, with governments and local communities. They work with the Rainforest Alliance, the Jane Goodall Institute, the World Resources Insitute, and more. Why be so inclusive? “Because planting trees has amazingly wide-ranging impact”, explains OTP’s Louis Lagoutte, “And you need a pool of knowledge and a wide reach to do that most effectively. Scientific expertise is crucial, as are indigenous communities, who are the best stewards of their land. There’s the carbon angle of course, and all our trees support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Reforestation also creates work, increases incomes, supports communities. Trees reduce topsoil erosion, for example by catching rain in their leaf canopies – particularly essential in arid and semi-arid areas. In terms of biodiversity, reforestation reestablishes conditions vital to types of fruits, plants and animals.

We’re about a holistic approach to sustainability. Well-managed, sustainable forests represent a fantastic natural resource – really, we should build everything out of wood! Like this, we can visibly and rapidly address the imbalances humankind has created.” 

Even in 2020, when none of us could leave the house for nine months, One Tree Planted – at a Covid-safe distance from each other! – planted ten million trees. 

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One of the best emails of the Camac team’s week is now the weekly update from One Tree Planted about their work. This week, we learnt about 150,000 trees planted with the Sapara Women’s Association in the Amazon. Last week, we discovered the replanting of Polylepis forests in the Andes.

We feel very proud to be supporting their work. Explore their stories here, with many more to come.  


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