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Frozen finishes

Frozen finishesTo celebrate their tenth anniversary, our Hong Kong partners Harp Chamber have commissioned ten special, limited-edition finishes for the Bardic 27. They are perfect for the young harpists in their life, because they are inspired by Frozen! Each harp is also signed by Jakez François, and available from Harp Chamber on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are interested in commissioning a harp with a special finish, this is something we love to do. You can browse the related articles below for more inspiration, and send your enquiries to [email protected].

2 Replies to “Frozen finishes”

  1. Felicity Tsai says:

    Hi, are these possibly sill available to order or buy, or do you know of any second-hand?
    Thanks so much 🙂 it is for my little daughter who we are looking for this harp to buy, and she would love the pale blue Elsa colours 🙂

  2. Helen Leitner says:

    Hello Felicity, we do not make the Bardic any more. If there are any of this special set available on the second-hand market, Harp Chamber in Hong Kong is most likely to know. You can contact them via All the best! Camac Harps

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