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Live Life in Colour

Camac Colouring
Last summer, some of the Camac team enjoyed themselves in l’Espace Camac with the little daughter of a well-known harpist, while her mother was occupied with some students. We played games, stuck stickers, and printed out pictures to colour in. 
After a couple of angels and musical animals, we couldn’t find any more harp colouring on the internet. But everything is better with harps! And so…we asked Olli, our talented illustrator, to draw some. Here are the results, now heading to Camac partners all over the world, for the entertainment of everyone who finds themselves in a harp showroom with time on their hands. 
Our young clients can also keep an eye out for Camac colouring competitions…

8 Replies to “Live Life in Colour”

  1. Lisa Rhea says:

    I want a Camac coloring book!

  2. I want a Camac coloring book!

  3. Paulina says:

    Super idea. I would also want to have this color book!!!

  4. Nat says:

    I want a camac color book please!

  5. Helen Leitner says:

    Thank you so much for your interest! The Camac colouring pages are available in our showrooms. We’d love it if you paid us a visit – you can find your nearest Camac partner @

  6. Luo Yunting says:

    I want a Carmac colouring book

  7. Margaret Forrest says:

    Yes please. Where can I get the book, digital or otherwise?

    1. Helen Leitner says:

      Dear Margaret, the Camac colouring pages are available in our showrooms. Find your nearest one here:

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