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London competitions 2018

North London 2018

London competitions finalists and jury. L-R: Michela Zanoni, Gabriella Jones, Lise Vandersmissen, Paul Patterson (presenting prizes), Milo Harper, Nicolette Chin, Heidi Krutzen (jury), Eleanor Turner (jury)

After no less than twenty-three hours of total performance time, the London competitions have reached their conclusion!  All the results are listed below.

For the fifth year running, the first prize winner of the Camac Competition will perform a recital at the Proms at St Jude’s as part of their prize. This highly-respected festival has been attracting world-class artists for over twenty-five years. Not many cultural events of broad scope programme a harp recital every year, and we are delighted by this collaboration, presenting young talent, and nourishing audiences for and interest in the harp.  Milo Harper will therefore give a lunchtime concert at 12:45 on Friday, June 29 in the Free Church, Central Square, London NW11 7AG. 

We also particularly value our sponsorship of the London competitions, because they are national. Usually, when we are asked to sponsor a competition, it is an international one the organiser is dreaming of; it feels more glamorous and exciting. Often, we try to persuade them to do a more local one instead, because this is where all music-making begins.

Regional competitions are an opportunity for students and teachers to get together, to measure their performances against one another, and to gain experience. The very youngest can stay and watch everyone right up to the senior competitors, who are doing a dry run of their international programmes. All this is wonderful for the general level in that region. Without strong regional centres, there is nothing for the sparkling echelons that follow them. International competitions have no contestants; conservatoires have nobody to teach.  I have sat on a few panels for advanced-level auditions in places where the local level is not high, and there is nothing like not being able to reach a satisfactory decision in that context, to make you appreciate the work of music schools, regional festivals and competitions. 

Huge congratulations to all the competitors! We’re looking forward already to the competitions of 2019. 

Camac Competition

First Prize: Milo Harper
Second Prize: Nicolette Chin
Third Prize: Michela Zanoni

UKHA Prize for the best performance of a work by a British composer: Sophie Rocks

Junior classes

Grades 1-2

First Prize: Sophia Blackwood
Second Prize: Jocelyn Lai
Third Prize: Steffi Man

Grades 3-4

First Prize ex-aequo: Catherine Perusset, Claudia Membery
Second Prize: Sigal Nachshen
Third Prize: Portia Gilbert-Bair

Grades 5-6

First Prize ex-aequo: Shanya Kulatunge, Anne-Amelie Campant
Second Prize: not awarded
Third Prize: Oscar Beed

Grades 7-8

First Prize: Siobhan Brady
Second Prize: Sebrina Stain
Third Prize: Rebecca Moree Galian

Study classes

Age 13&under

First Prize: Sophia Membery

Chamber Music

Age 13 & under

Second Prize: Kulatunge Sisters

Age 18 & under

Second Prize: Anne-Amelie Campant, Emilia Cousins

Open Chamber Ensemble

First Prize: Noelia Cotuna (harp), Megan Storer (flute)
Second Prize: not awarded
Third Prize ex-aequo: Aaron Ma, Shimeng Sun (harps); Esther Beyer (harp), Mina Middleton (flute), Eleanor Walton (viola)


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