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An invitation to a journey: our new Ulysse

We are very proud to announce the latest development in our range: the Ulysse. An ultra-light, highest-quality concert lever harp created together with Elisa Vellia, the Ulysse is a 34-string harp that weighs just over 8 kg. Elisa dreamed of a robust, light and reliable harp, with a deep and rich sound, for traveling to audiences throughout the world. After months of work, Jakez François, our master craftsmen and our in-house engineers have turned this vision into reality.



The Ulysse combines centuries-old traditions of luthiery, in particular through a magnificent spruce soundboard, with innovative modern materials such as carbon fiber and titanium. It is the quintessence of a savoir-faire acquired through years of experience with fine instruments, such as those that are the pride of our company: for example our Concert MélusineAzilizJanet and Telenn Kadiou. This expertise is combined with our state-of-the-art developments from the DHC ultra-light ElectroHarp.


The Ulysse is strung with Alliance fluorocarbon strings, for a supple yet strong touch ideal for traditional music.

Happy are they, like Ulysses

Who have journeyed well

Joachim du Bellay


9 Replies to “An invitation to a journey: our new Ulysse”

  1. Shelley Neal says:

    Can you please tell me if there are distributors for Camac harp near Toronto , Ontario, Canada

    1. Helen Leitner says:

      Hello Shelley, Jules Saint-Michel is our distributer in Montréal, Otherwise the closest to you would be the Virginia Harp Center’s New Jersey store.

  2. Glenda Underhill says:

    Hi, I have a Ulysse ordered in Australia and am wondering what the wait time is?

    1. Helen Leitner says:

      Hello Glenda, did you order it via one of our Australian partners? If so, they will be able to give you some information regarding the waiting time. Or, if you let us know who you ordered it with via email to [email protected], we will gladly look that up for you. Best regards, Camac Harps

  3. Seamus Byrne says:

    Who are your retailers in Ireland and is there anywhere I can try out a ulysse harp?

  4. Pamela Wood says:

    Where would be my nearest distributed…I live near Vancouver B.C.

    1. Helen Leitner says:

      Dear Pamela, in Quebec you can contact Jules Saint-Michel in Montreal, Otherwise down the West Coast, your nearest partner would be The Enchanted Harp, Puyallup WA, 98371, +1 253 770-0550 / [email protected]. You can find a directory of our complete distribution here:
      All the best, Camac Harps

  5. Glenda Underhill says:

    I have a lovely Ulysse, but I am wondering whether the bottom wire strings can be swapped out for fluorocarbon strings? And if so, what size fluorocarbon strings would I need. I would appreciate it if someone could let me know.

  6. Helen Leitner says:

    Dear Glenda, we wouldn’t recommend this. It would be better to use wire strings in this register. You could switch to heavy tension lever harp wires, but it depends on the effect you are looking for. Also, you would be best advised to change them about three weeks before a professional regulation.

    If you would like to discuss options and their possible effects, please email [email protected].
    All the best,
    Camac Harps

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