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GRAND GIVEAWAY COUNTDOWN to the Festival Camac – 4!

grand countdown 4

We love it when our Atlantide Prestige concert grand is used for Baroque music, as in Valérie Milot’s beautiful album with Les Violons du Roy. The Atlantide’s sound is round and even, but also has a clarity and legerity that is perfect for the music of this epoch. It makes us go all authentic performance philosophical, and start saying things like “of course, one reason why we study history is to inform the present.”

For today’s feature in our GRAND GIVEAWAY COUNTDOWN to the Festival Camac, we’ve gone full circle from early music, to early music interpreted on modern instruments, to those instruments of today themselves. It’s another desktop wallpaper, this time of our modern range. In fact, it’s lots of wallpapers – one pedal harp, one lever harp, and one electroharp, depending on what you like to have as a backdrop to your files. Because we’ve done each wallpaper in desktop and smartphone/tablet versions, you can even have a variety across your devices.

As we discussed in Grand Countdown 6, our Elysée harp is inspired by the magnificent Erard “Empire” models. It is also made in rosewood, with ornaments in gilded bronze, and we cast the Elysée’s bronzes from the original Erard no. 3969 in the Camac historical collection. As for our lever harp wallpaper, we’ve chosen our two most recent models: our top-of-the-range, ultralight Ulysse, and the Excalibur developed with François Pernel.

If we study history to inform the present, we also all grow up with myths and legends. Whether it’s Ulysses and The Odyssey, or Excalibur and King Arthur, legends are stories we use to make sense of the world. To end on another philosophical note, perhaps music may be the same.


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