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“Every note that resonates”: interview with Rossitza Milevska

March 20, 2024

We caught up with Rossitza Milevska ahead of her concert at the Espace Camac this week, and talked about music, development and inspiration. Read more…

A masterful writer on a house of master craftsmen; Robert Adelson and Erard: Empire of the harp

March 18, 2024

In 2022, as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, it was our honour to commission the eminent organologist Robert Adelson to write  Erard: Empire of… Read more…

Discovering the orchestral repertoire: The Harp in the Orchestra Volume 3 by Elisabeth Colard

March 8, 2024

We are particularly impressed by Elisabeth Colard's latest volume, "A la découverte du Répertoire d'Orchestre", volume 3 of "La harpe au sein de l'orchestre"; a… Read more…

Raw Essence: CAPRICE

February 29, 2024

We are overjoyed that Caprice will share her originality, her stories and her music in concert on March 7 at L'Espace Camac in Paris,  and… Read more…

Next stop: Limoges and le Concours Français de la harpe 2024

February 23, 2024

The Concours Français de la Harpe is holding its 13th edition Feb. 23–25, 2024, in Limoges, France. Catering to harpists of every level, the annual… Read more…

Points of departure: the Fedkowicz Duo

January 29, 2024

Intricate and unique ideas have inspired the Fedkowicz Duo in their latest album. "Punkty wyjścia” (or “points of departure”, in a title taken from a… Read more…

Camac Academy China 2023

January 5, 2024

Just before we closed for the festive period, the latest Camac Academy (organised in collaboration with our friend Duoli Wu of Aria Music)  took place… Read more…

A portrait of our celtic harps: photographs from our atelier.

November 2, 2023

At Camac, we love our home, located as it is in the heartland of a proud Breton musical heritage. It stands to reason then, that… Read more…

Veronika Lemishenko: Next stop, Zagreb!

October 30, 2023

“It is also very important to promote Ukrainian culture and keep talking about our country abroad - and this is what we are doing together… Read more…