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Deborah Henson Conant: 5-day Blues Jam Harp Challenge

DHC: Blues Jam Harp Challenge

Our great friend Deborah Henson-Conant has a passion for teaching improvisation in all its forms, as evidenced by her hugely successful workshops and classes which take place both online and in person. Once a year, she shares a free Online 5-Day Blues Jam Harp Challenge for harpists all over the world. 

This year it will take place from Monday 8th July until Sunday 14th July, and you can register (for free) over at Deborah’s website!

If you have never taken part in one of Deborah’s online challenges, they are designed to be super fun learning experiences for lever and pedal harp players of any level. The learner can move at their own pace; once signed up, you will receive a daily 15-minute video training, complete with play-alongs and challenges. Each day, you do the training, complete the challenges and by the end – you will be improvising!  

For the uninitiated, this will be an opportunity to learn how the pentatonic scale can lay the foundation to your improvising and blues playing.  There will also be hints on how to “bend” notes on your harp, and how to approach swing at the harp.

We hope that has convinced you! Sign up for FREE here 



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