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Results of the Camac / North London Video Competitions 2020

Camac London video competitions 2020

We had to cancel our competitions in London this May because of the Covid-19 crisis – but offered a video competition instead. This is the first time we have run such a contest, and it went viral in more than one sense of the word! 

With over 170 entries across the board, we have been thrilled by the response. Huge thanks go to our jurors, Caryl Thomas and Sally Pryce, who have certainly been kept busy!

Without further ado, here are the results: 

Llywelyn Ifan Jones

Llywelyn Ifan Jones
Photo: Keith Morris

Camac Competition 2020

First Prize: Llywelyn Ifan Jones
Second Prize: Lise Vandersmissen
Third Prize: Clara Gatti Comini
Commendation: Clara Garde
UKHA Prize: Aimee Lam

G05, grades 7 – 8 

First Prize: Matilda Whates
Second Prize: Hannah Runting
Third Prize: Arwen Withey-Harrison

G04, grades 5 – 6

First Prize: Meredith Hau
Second Prize: Heather Stark
Third Prize: David van Wingerden

G03, grades 3 – 4 

First Prize: Dulce Tilley
Second Prize: Sophie Lam Sze Kei
Third Prize: Isabella Cook-Northcott

G02, grades 1-2

First Prize: Melanie Hau 
Second Prize: Rosie Wang and Anya Dutta ex-aequo
Third Prize: Emilie Akpeki and Lily Ghaffari-Gandy ex-aequo

G06, Study 13 and under

First Prize: Erin Fflur Jardine
Second Prize: Meredith Hau
Third Prize: Emira Kangesan and Caitlin Liew ex-aequo

G07, Study 18 and under

First Prize: Sabrina Savenkova
Second Prize: Ella Gummow

Congratulations to them all! 
The winning videos are available on the Camac Harps YouTube channel

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