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NEW! Camac Harps presents the Telenn Small Hands

Telenn Small Hands


Telenn Small HandsOnce upon a time…

…Isabelle Moretti was in Singapore, where she teaches more young children than is normally the case. Noticing the effect of standard string spacing on the smallest hands, she started thinking about child-sized instruments. When violins and cellos are made in half, quarter, even eighth and sixteenth sizes, all the instrument’s proportions are adjusted. Baby harps have been around for a long time – but the part the children touch the most, the strings, has always stayed the same! 

Our Telenn Small Hands is the first harp on the market with string spacing specially designed for children. We would particularly like to thank the harp teachers who have collaborated with us on the development and testing of the prototypes. Before its launch today, the Telenn Small Hands could be spotted in the classes of Ghislaine Petit-Volta and Delphine Benhamou; and in the Netherlands where Michelle Verheggen teaches the celebrated Preschool Programme at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. 

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Telenn Small Hands

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