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A Big Blue at the World Conservation Congress 2021

Everyone was sworn to secrecy about this until the world premier, but we were delighted to supply a Big Blue electroacoustic harp for the closing ceremony of the World Conservation Congress in Marseille. This was the occasion of the world premier of “Jardin d’Eté” by the composer Alexis Nemtchenko, alias Merovee. It’s a multidisciplinary performance for harp, percussion and live sound processing with dynamic equalizer, multiband compressor, bitcrusher, shimmer and delays, and improvisation in duo between Merovee and harpist Agathe Coquard in real time.

Thank you to Merovee for his kind words about the Big Blue: “The precision and clarity of the sound, as well as the possibilities offered by the harp’s direct outputs, pave the way to multiple creative possibilities to exploit in the future.”

Creation and production: TETRO in partnership with Seconde Nature
Photos: Gregoire Edouard

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