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Collection Serfass for Odyssey Harp

Collection_SerfassThe holiday season is fast approaching, meaning it’s time for festive music! Look no further than Myriam Serfass’s 8 new arrangements for our Odyssey Collection of sheet music. Each arrangement is suitable for 27-string harp with or without levers, of intermediate level, and with helpful chord charts for those who wish to further augment or simplify. “I really wanted this collection to be great for as many harpists as possible”, Myriam explains. “Not too hard, not too simple, fun to teach  (without having to start Christmas music with your pupils in June), and still sounding harpy!”

While now based in Paris, Myriam hails from the Christmas capital of Strasbourg. “So I grew up with a lot of music from this time of year, also from other religions. Whatever your faith, there are many very beautiful, old tunes and I love to play, sing and share them every year. For this collection I’ve chosen a mixture of French, German and English Christmas music, and also “O Chanukah, O Chanukah”, which I remember so well from the big Jewish community in Strasbourg.”

Red Odyssey harp

The Odyssey, by Camac – configure yours here!

Most of the arrangements are in C Major, which makes it easy to segue from one to another and create medleys. And while they use the Odyssey harp‘s full 27-strings to their best advantage, of course they can be played on all harps, great and small. 

The Serfass Collection is available immediately on the Camac webshop, as convenient downloads (no need to fear the Christmas post!). You can listen to their accompanying soundclips and view the first pages before you buy.

Myriam Serfass is a harpist and harp teacher based in Paris. She loves nature, music, travelling, people, new things, laughing, and arranging and performing all kinds of music for herself and her students. 


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