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Countdown to Belfort…with Paris’Clic

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The Camac Festival has a new evening concert structure, with two contrasting recitals of one hour each, rather than one double bill. On day two in Belfort – Saturday, October 20th – Guan Wang’s classical programme will be followed by French rock group Paris’Click

The development of E-harps has opened up the rock universe to the harp – and it’s not as unlikely an instrument for this music as it might sound. Four years ago, Steve Vai toured Deborah Henson-Conant on The Story of Light; Nobody’s Cult is another prominent harp-rock group. The direct, touching quality of the harp’s sound; its romantic associations (and how it frequently overturns them), and even its heavily-gendered aspects all unearth powerful rock identities. 


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Paris’Click have released their second album, Assassine Logique. More rock and more symphonic than their first album Reset, ‘Assassine Logique’ also features no sound processing at all. “We wanted to keep the sounds of the instruments as they are”, Paris’Click harpist Ophélia Grimm explains. “We’re using cello orchestras, a lot of bass, across a wide range of tracks which together form a real exploration of music and counter-culture.”

Live in Belfort, their set starts at 9:30PM. Get tix here

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