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Glowing Harp International Competition – ONLINE

No matter how creatively you plan, and every time you come up with a new solution, circumstances sometimes conspire to make it impossible. As winter approaches, nobody is more aware of this than the cultural sector. 

The live events we were in the process of sponsoring and/or arranging currently have to be re-planned. But we are NOT, under ANY circumstances, going to let Covid-19 stop us from supporting harpists, and engaging in musical activity. 

One great challenge musicians everywhere are facing right now, is staying motivated to work for something, when they do not know if it will happen. We have therefore decided to “cancel-proof” as much as we can. It won’t surprise you to read that this means a lot of technological solutions and flexible forms – but not only; we are also, wherever possible, committed to supporting live music. This currently takes some ingenuity, but we are determined to achieve it. 

To this end, we are delighted to announce something which will not get cancelled. This is the 3rd “Glowing Harp” International Harp Competition!

Third Glowing Harp Competition Here is how it’s going to happen. 

If you had already started working on Glowing Harp Live 2021, good news: the programme is unchanged. Candidates should upload their first round videos (publicly or unlisted) to YouTube,Vimeo, Youku or Toudou, and send the link with their application.

The jury – also unchanged – will deliberate, announce results, and then the successful finalists will have a week to upload their final round videos. There is nothing stopping you preparing these in advance, but you will not be asked for them until the first round results have been announced.

As with live competitions, competitors will receive feedback from the jury.

For the concertos in the final stages, the Handel concerto may be recorded solo. For the Wagenseil and Glière concertos (U14 and U25 respectively), you may record your video with the pianist of your choice. If you cannot meet with a pianist to do this, the competition has organised solutions. The juniors can ask for a pre-recorded backing track, available free of charge and in various tempi, for the Wagenseil. Seniors can contact the competition’s pianist to have a track made to their requirements (20€).

As for the prizes: we are delighted to offer a special prize of an Odyssey harp, at the jury’s discretion across any category of the competition.

In celebration of live music, the winner of the U25 category will be invited to perform a concerto with the Kharkiv Philharmonic – an engagement of a flexible date. The winner of the U19 category will be invited to attend the masterclasses of the Vienna Harp Days. All other prizes are consistent with what the live competition would have offered.

The dates are not much changed either: the closing date for your first round is April 1, 2021.

The ‘Glowing Harp’ contest is organized by a competition veteran – Veronika Lemishenko, now Principal Harp of the Ural Philharmonic – and her first teacher of all, Larysa Klievtsova, Principal Harp of Kharkiv Opera Theater and leading harp professor in Ukraine. They are particularly committed to creating a good experience for all candidates, and above all, this part of Glowing Harp has not changed! We are all committed to assuring the best possible competition for every single competitor – under any conditions.

The Glowing Harp Online repertoire and rules are now available on the competition website. There are four age categories, from under 8 to up to 25.

We wish all competitors excellent preparations, and we cannot wait to hear your music.

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