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Rave Harps International Prestige Awards 2021

Rave Harps Prestige Award 2021


The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a variety of creative digital solutions – and new issues to consider. What important aspects of competitions depend on performing live? On the other hand, and for all digital competitions first appeared as a temporary substitute, what new value have they brought? As the crisis continues and we all get more experienced in online solutions, it’s starting to look like they could find a longer-term role, alongside live, in competitions of the future. 

Rave Harps, our partners in Singapore and Malaysia and blazing a trail as ever, are already exploring hybrid live-online competitions. You can now enter their International Prestige Awards. These are chamber music competitions, both for harp ensembles, and harp and other instruments. There’s a wealth of categories, from children aged under 6, to classes both for young professionals and adult amateurs. 

If you’re resident in Singapore and Malaysia, the competition will be held live. If you are based elsewhere in the world, your entry will be live, online. While the jury watch in real time, candidates will perform via video call. They will also record it at the same time, and send the high-def video to the jury afterwards. “It’s a new experience, but we hope this way we can access the benefits of competing live, while making it possible for harpists all over the world to take part”, says Katryna Tan. “If contestants record their performances, this should also compensate for any connection issues we’ve all come to know and not-love at one moment or another.” 

The closing date for entries is February 28th 2021, with an early bird discount for all entries received before the end of January. The live rounds, both in Singapore and on video call, will take place on July 18th

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