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Les Jeudis de la Harpe… THE SEQUEL

Les Jeudis de la Harpe


The story so far…

In November 2020, the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic was gripping the world. Many of us were locked down hard, and all concerts were banned. The musical community was plunged into despair, distress we shared.

In Paris, our “Espace Camac” flagship showroom also had to be closed to the public. But we were allowed, ourselves, to go to work inside the store. This gave us an idea….

Working fast, we organised a series of online broadcasts from the stage of Camac Paris. It was out of the question to fly artists in, but in Paris there is no need. Eight incredible artists based in the French capital took part in our first series of online broadcasts.

We were overwhelmed by the success of the concerts. Superbly performed by our guest artists, beautifully produced by Julien Hanck, they have so far attracted views on YouTube well into five figures. Every Thursday night, we were joined for the online premiers by music lovers from throughout France and all over the world. We could not be together physically, but we could still share in this special hour, reserved amid the maelstrom of the crisis to share music together.

Fast forward to February 2021, and we are still waiting to return to the concert stages. We are therefore proud to present “Les Jeudis de la Harpe”…


Get ready for a second series, full of the richness and variety of the harp of 2021. There will be classical music, traditional music, jazz, and stars from The Voice France. You don’t have to alter your busy online schedules: same time (Thursday, 19:30 Paris time), same place (our YouTube channel, CamacHarpsOfficial).

We’re starting next week! Join us on YouTube, from February 11th.

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