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“Electric Fables” at the Espace Camac, Paris

Fables électriques à l'Espace Camac

If you are interested in the electric harp, you’ll love the work of Rafaelle Rinaudo and Aurélie Barbé. They are both fantastic artists working with our DHC electric harp, hugely expanding its technical and emotional range of voices. 

On April 3rd, we will welcome them on the stage of Espace Camac to present their “Electric Fables”. The concert will start at 5pm, is free and open to all. Aurélie and Rafaelle will present a solo set each, on electric lever harp and electronic machines, and will finish in duo. 

Here’s what both artists have to say about the concert!

“In 2020, I released my first album, Terralone, which is the result of several years of experimentation and researching sounds with the electric harp. It fuses harp sounds, computerised processing, and I also collaborated with Fabien Saussaye for the drums, loops, and hints of organ and Wurlitzer.

Aurelie BarbéAfter this album, created entirely in the studio, I am now enjoying a new focus on live performance. I have performed live improvisations with the pastel artist Nathalie Mura, and my new compositions are also designed for live realisation. I’m using a looper to capture several different harp tracks, and a small Volca drum machine for the electro touch. I also like to explore large and spacious sounds: I particularly like the BlueSky reverb pedal from Strymon, which gives the harp incredible breadth.

I will have the pleasure of performing 5 of my compositions on April 3rd, including one from the Terralone album : Chrysalide.

I am also delighted to be sharing the stage with Rafaelle Rinaudo and her inventive and sensitive playing!”

– Aurélie Barbé


Rafaelle Rinaudo

“I play the electric harp in free jazz and generative improvisation groups, and am a laureate of Jazz Migration and the FACE foundation NYC. I work with the augmented harp, and its integration within music styles on the edges of jazz, rock, free, noise and electroacoustic composition.

My current focus is on music with entirely electric harp sounds, performing as a one-woman band. It’s a challenge that is playful, amusing and difficult all at the same time…making the plucking of a harp string sound very loud requires the creation of a whole sonic concept. I am passionate about this research.”

– Rafaelle Rinaudo

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Aurélie Barbé’s video project: electric interviews

“I am the lucky winner of the Tissier-Grandpierre Prize 2021, which supported my video project about the electric harp. After the Blue Harp Help videos I made for Camac, I decided to interview electric harpists, and discover how each musician has appropriated the instrument and the machines.

My first interview is with Hélène Breschand, who shows us her playing modes, her effects pedals and talks about her work – it’s fascinating. The video is available here

I’ll soon publish my 2nd interview, with Rafaelle Rinaudo ! I have also invited 2 other artists, whose names I’ll keep secret for now…”

– Aurélie Barbé


“Le temps s’emballe, le trio aussi, et le rock progressif en pantalon de cuir est vite balayé par une vague punkisante hérissée à carreaux écossais.
Inutile de chercher plus loin d’autres inspirations : elles changent sans cesse et se carambolent, s’amalgament dans cette sauce qui se veut courte. Voire essentielle.” Franpi Barriaux, Citizen Jazz

Rafaelle Rinaudo’s new band, Nout

Rafaelle Rinaudo is in a new band: Nout, with flute and drums. Clips, tour dates and more info here. Prepare to be blown away!


You may also be interested to know that the idea for this concert came about because on the same day as the concert, we are providing the space for a special workshop for the winners of the Collegium 21 competition. This contemporary harp event, of which the association Les Signes de l’arc is a partner, encourages composers and young harpists to meet each other through master classes and a competition.

Les Signes de l’arc has chosen to offer two special prizes to the winners of the 2021 competition: workshops to discover the the electric harp and its modes of playing. Although the prize workshops are not open to the public, the annual Collegium 21 is another of our strong recommendations for all those interested in the development of the contemporary harp!

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