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A portrait of our celtic harps: photographs from our atelier.

At Camac, we love our home, located as it is in the heartland of a proud Breton musical heritage. It stands to reason then, that the development and manufacture of lever harps of the highest quality have always represented a large part of our mission. These are instruments that can hold their own in all situations and genres: our professional lever harps can be heard being played by international artists, in everything from traditional music, to contemporary music and jazz. 

Camac Isolde Photo: ©Vincent Jaques

Camac Isolde ©Vincent Jaques

And with our range of specially developed student lever harps, we help to nurture the next generation of harpists in the development of confidence, technique and tone through access to a fine instrument. With a fine harp, we know an aspiring artist of any age or level can realize his musical dreams.

Camac Hermine ©Vincent Jaques

Camac Hermine Photo : ©Vincent Jaques

We are therefore proud to present to you this fabulous photographic record of this most precious part of our output. Photographer Vincent Jacques is an artist in his own right, immersed in ‘Looking at worlds from the surface, conceiving images and lending them depth.’

Camac Excalibur Photo : ©Vincent Jaques

Camac Excalibur Photo : ©Vincent Jaques


Created at our workshops in Mouzeil, Vincent Jacques has captured our instruments in their place of creation, surrounded by the raw materials of their construction, with harps in process or packed for dispatch. 

Camac Telenn Photo : ©Vincent Jaques

Camac Excalibur Photo: ©Vincent Jaques

And, in one or two cases, the photographs feature members of our team of master craftsmen. In doing so, Jacques encapsulates our ethos as a builder:

From our hands…  to yours.



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