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Camac Germany on the road…to Hof!

Camac Harfen Deutschland will soon be on the road again – with a concept dear to all of us @Camac: supporting culture, where it happens. Our annual touring festival is now in its thirteenth year, and we regularly hold other series of harp events. We might be travelling through the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, or of course the length and breadth of France…at all these events, we aim to bring guest artists and professors together, in the teaching centres of those professors. We bring an exhibition and, often, technicians; the parents of young harpists deal with enough logistics, without always having to travel to Paris or Berlin for their service needs. 

Camac Germany on the Hof!


Camac Germany is looking forward working with Nikolaz Cadoret, Ruth Rojahn, and her class at the Musikschule der Hofer Symphoniker. The music school is in fact the only one in Germany to be run by a professional orchestra, and is famous both for its high artistic and pedagogic level, and its contribution to the wider community. Classes are available for everyone, from babies to adults and OAPs. The instrumental roster covers almost every classical instrument, and there is special focus on playing music together in groups. The music school also provides around three hundred performances a year for the residents of Hof to enjoy – including ours, on June 29th! 

Camac Germany on the Hof 2019Beginning bright and early at 9:30AM, Nikolaz will give a workshop for everyone aged 5 to 99. Discover the art of improvisation, get to grips with the E-harp – and our money is on a bit of dancing as well…it doesn’t matter how long you have played the harp for, or what style(s) you are used to: music is for bringing people together, and Nikolaz is going to do this here! 

Later in the day, Nikolaz live in concert: backed by the harp ensemble of the Hof music school, and also solo. His performances are an unforgettable experience for everyone who is lucky enough to witness one. His virtuosity is staggering, and his explorations of traditional and avant-garde music (and their fusion) are constantly creative, giving you all manner of new ways to think about the lever harp today. 

You can also bring your Camac harp to be regulated, free of chance in celebration of the special nature of the event. 

For more information, you can download the flyer here (PDF, 2MB). 


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