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Spring in Montpellier with the Collection Hexagone (27 and 28 April)

The collection Hexagone is a series curated by Camac as a means to spread the message of the harp in all its guises, throughout the regional centres of France. In the past half-year alone, events have taken place in Sallaumines and Avignon, featuring the talents of renowned harpists like Quentin Vestur and Aurore Breger.

Next weekend, the Collection Hexagone series heads to Montpellier, where the featured artist of the weekend will be Montpellier-native Camille Heim and her group Chocho Cannelle.

Week-end Camac Montpellier

Camille is a classically trained harpist, having studied with Héloïse Dautry at the Montpellier Conservatoire. She subsequently furthered her studies with Ghislaine Petit-Volta, Frédérique Cambreling and Nicolas Tulliez at the Pôle Supérieur de Paris, before completing a Master’s degree in Orchestra with Godelieve Schrama in Germany. A two-year stint as harpist with the Duisburg Opera followed.

But this wasn’t the whole story, as Camille explains to us: 

“Alongside these studies, I’ve always dabbled in traditional music, with a particular love of South American music. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always improvised on the traditional themes I learnt. From this grew an interest in jazz. My years studying in Paris were a cradle for discovering jazz, and I often went to concerts and jam sessions after class.”

In 2016 Camille met drummer Léo Danais, with whom she initially set up a dance music group, inspired by traditional pieces from several regions of the world (and a strong shared interest in South American music). 

“Léo has a jazz background, so we improvised all over the place. We used to compose together, as a duo, and then we got the urge to form a bigger group with musicians we chose for their talent, without really knowing them.

In this way, in 2021,  the two met with Timothé Renard (clarinets) and Arthur Guyard (keyboards): “Chocho Cannelle was born, and so was our friendship.” 

Perhaps because of these bonds of friendship, their camaraderie translates well into their music making: “Our quartet is very well-balanced, both in terms of instrumental playing and in terms of creation and arrangements.”

It was in that same year, 2021, that through Luc Martin (a friend  passionate  about Colombian music) Camille was introduced to the marvels of the llanera harp. This passion, now ignited, led her special group of friends and collaborators to help her explore this new and exciting aspect of her playing:

“And just like that, a few months later, for my 30th birthday, friends and family gave me the Camac electro llanera harp that I play on today. It was a surprise thought up by Léo.”

That’s quite  a birthday present! And how does this Electro Llanera contribute to the musical language of Chocho Cannelle?

“This instrument was a real bonus for the band: we were able to share the bass lines between the harp and the moog, and add sound effects. Together we created our own sound with original instrumentation.”

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At Collection Hexagone events, the emphasis is on sharing and learning in a mutually supportive environment. An environment which showcases the expertise of not only professional performers, but  the hardworking professors  throughout France, who safeguard vital traditions of harp playing (whether traditional or classical). As such, the Collection Hexagone events always include workshops, masterclasses as well as performances by local, budding harpists. 

Among the educational events on offer will be a master Class with composer Christophe de Coudenhove on his piece Cahier de couleurs for electroacoustic harp, and an unmissable performance by Camille and her group Chocho Cannelle.

When asked what they can expect from this workshop, Camille simply said:


What better invitation?

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