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Glowing Harp Competition 2024: The results are in!

After an intensive period of online rounds, assiduously overseen by an international jury of distinguished harpists and artistic director Veronika Lemishenko: the results are in!

Below you can read the top prizes from each category, but there were a great many special prizes and honourable mentions, so if you want to know them all, head over to the competition website.

It has been an honour and a pleasure for us to sponsor this amazing endeavour, proof that music can go on, whatever the challenges in the world, promoting togetherness and high ideals of cooperation and harmony. Heartfelt thanks go the indefatigable Veronika Lemishenko, and our congratulations to all the competitors and all the prizewinners (a special congratulations to Julia Dermendjieva of Bulgaria who wins her very own Camac odyssey harp!)


Debut Category (up to age 8)


1st prize and Prize “Young Hope”
Sara Krammer-Lukaćova, Austria

1st prize
Yu Sze Caitlyn Yip, Hong Kong
Chi Yuet Estella Cheung, Hong Kong

2nd prize
Laon Dąbrowski, Republic of Korea / Poland

3rd  prize
Pola Bitowska, Poland
Jenesa Bennett Leung, United Kingdom
Amálie Švestková, Czech Republic


I Category (up to age 11)


1st prize and Principal Sponsor Prize from Camac Harps, France: celtic harp model “Odyssey”
Julia Dermendjieva, Bulgaria

2nd prize, Special Prize for the best performance of the Ukrainian folk tune “Hopak”
Carlotta Maria Augugliaro, Italy

2nd prize
Anna Bilalova, Latvia
Ching Yin Stephanie Kwok, Hong Kong
Urszula Smoła, Poland

3rd prize, Artistry Prize
Ho Yee Ho, Hong Kong

3rd prize
Ava Luangkesorn, USA

II Category (up to age 14)


1st prize and Special Prize for the Best performance of “In the Groove” by V. Sokalsky
Meredith Hau, United Kingdom

2nd prize
Maryna Martianova, Ukraine / Poland
Kylia, Tsz Yam Pai, United Kingdom / Hong Kong

3rd prize
Klára Brabcová, Czech Republic
Jakub Sadílek, Czech Republic
Antonina Wieczorek, Poland


III Category (up to age 18)


1st prize and EMCY Prize
Maria Pogolski, Germany

2nd prize
Paula Wettengel, Germany

3rd prize
Linė Lipnickaitė, Lithuania
Kalina Nowaczek, Poland


IV Category (up to age 25)


1st prize
Ligia Nowak, Poland

2nd prize
Eugenia Alfier, Italy
Iva Dimitrijević, Serbia

3rd prize
Lauren Swain, USA

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