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“Dasson an Delenn” Lever Harp Competition, June 8 – 9, 2019

We now send our Celtic, classical, electric and even South American instruments all over the world, but our Mouzeil ateliers are still exactly where they always have been. At Camac, we are proud of our Breton roots, and we have always been an equally proud supporter and promoter of the lever harp in all its forms.

Dasson an Delenn 2019

Dasson an Delenn is not the first lever harp competition we have organised – but it is the most distinctly Breton! The competition’s name means “Resonance of the Harp”, and its stage resonates indeed – with set works and free choice pieces, all of Breton origin, or inspiration. In 2019, all the set pieces performed at the competition were selected from the Breton Harp Anthology. This is Tristan Le Govic’s impressive collection in three volumes, featuring over forty Breton musicians. They range from the iconic Alan Stivell, who brought the instrument back to life in 20th century Brittany, to the exciting new generation emerging today. There is music by the late Kristen Noguès, published in fact for the first time, and in general over one hundred traditional tunes – gwerzioù, dances, marches, slow airs, religious songs, sea shanties, songs, lullabies…classified in ascending order of difficulty.

Held every two years, Dasson an Delenn also supports Breton culture at the heart of where it happens, by touring to a different regional centre each time. After the highly successful first and second editions in Pontivy (2015) and Rennes (2017), it was the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Brest métropole who were 2019’s gracious hosts. We are also grateful to the City of Brest, the civic authorities of the Finistère region, the DRAC of Brittany, and partners Savarez and Galli strings, for their support for the initiative.

Jury : Concours Dasson an Delenn 2019

Jakez François with the jury of Dasson an Delenn 2019. L-R: Jakez François, Nikolaz Cadoret, Tiphaine Escarguel, Aurore Bréger, Anne Fiard-Vileyn, Brigitte Baronnet (president).

On Saturday, June 8th, the youngest candidates shyly took to the stage to perform for their distinguished jury. Brigitte Baronnet (president), Nikolaz Cadoret, Tiphaine Escarguel, Aurore Bréger, and Anne Fiard-Vileyn listened carefully to each budding musician, no matter how young; weighing up their strengths, discussing carefully, encouraging, and also providing considered feedback for the future. Many thanks to such a conscientious jury, for their hard and valuable work! Competition experience at an early age is one of the best foundations for positive experiences in adolescence and beyond, and is one of the aims of Dasson an Delenn, specifically aimed at student harpists under twenty-one, across four age categories.

The rigorous jury, and the attentive public, were also impressed by the high level throughout the categories. We were pleased to extend the number of available prizes, that the talent and industry of the candidates be fully rewarded and encouraged. The future of the Breton lever harp is clearly bright – and is attracting international attention too, with two contestants from Russia and the Ukraine this year.

Warmest congratulations to all the laureates, who are:

Category 1 (aged 11 and under)

First Prize: Juliette NAU et Vickie PEGOURIE (ex-æquo)

Second Prize: Anna MOCHEN et Noyale EUSTACHE (ex-æquo)

Third Prize: Petra PEUCH

Highly Commended: Zoya PETROVA

Category 2 (aged 14 and under)

First Prize: Gabriel HUOT

Second Prize: Koupaia GOUEROU et Julie MONTRELAY (ex-aequo)

Third Prize: Olga BELKOVA, Corentine LE GAD et Louna FLOC`H-COATAN (ex-aequo)

Category 3 (aged 17 and under)


Second Prize: Klervi MONFORT-PERRIN

Third Prize: Coline PLOQUIN

Category 4 (aged 20 and under)

First Prize: Klervi ROUYER

Harpes au Max 2020You can hear all the first prize winners again at Harpes au Max 2020, which will take place in Ancenis between May 14-17 next year.

Photo: Jaques Muller

Coming up: we continue their commitment to the next generation of lever harp talent with our Trophée at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient. This will take place this year on Saturday, August 10th 2019, in the grand auditorium of the Palais du Congrès. The first prize winner will take home a beautiful Aziliz harp.

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