Small concert lever harp

Height:116 cm
Weight:10.5 kg
Range:34 strings, A1 - C34
Stringing:Alliance (A1 - D26), lever harp bass wires (C27 - C34)
Woods:Maple and beech for the body, spruce for the soundboard
Finishes:Natural maple, natural walnut, cherry wood, mahogany, ebony, princess. Custom finishes to order. Soundboard decoration options

‘Aziliz’ is the Breton form of Cecilia, patron saint of music. Our Aziliz is a beautiful small harp, made following artisan traditions. The new version integrates our latest acoustic and aesthetic improvements. The sound box design is new, as is the outstandingly reliable, easy-to-use mechanism. The Aziliz also features a hand-carved medallion, is compact, and has a remarkable sound.

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