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For Camac, irreproachable client service is a point of honour. All our pedal harps are completely guaranteed for ten years. We organize regulation tours throughout the world, and each of our harps has been designed for simpler maintenance. 

Each of our harps has been designed to simplify regulation and maintenance. Not only does this make it easier and faster for harp technicians to work on our harps, it also offers harpists a greater degree of independence. For example, you can use our rod tuner to improve the accuracy of your harp’s intonation, between professional regulations.  

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Video guides

Harps are not without their logistical mysteries at the beginning. They have to be tuned, how to move them is not self-evident, strings have to be replaced – and your teacher, or your child’s teacher, cannot do all this for you every time. Our video guides will help you become au fait with all these issues.

Changing Strings

Using a Rod Tuner

“Pressing the Pegs”

Tuning your Lever Harp

Transporting Harps

Changing a Lever

Tuning your Pedal Harp

Harp Care FAQ

String Charts and Technical Manuals

Our string charts help you work out which strings you need to order for your Camac harp. You can also download PDFs of the technical manuals for our pedal, electroacoustic and electric harps.

Pedal harp technical manual

Pedal Harps: Owner’s Manual

Body harness manuel

Body Harness Manual for DHC 32

Electroacoustic Pedal Harp Technical Manual

Electric Harp Manual (Pedal)

Lever string chart

Lever Harp String Chart

Electroharp technical manual

Electric Harp Manual (Lever)

Pedal string chart

Pedal Harp String Chart (+ Gauges)

Blue Dictionary

Or, the amplifed harp from A-Z

All you ever wanted to know about amplifying harps – but were too afraid to ask…


Our international technicians

We are proud of our extensive network of certified technicians throughout the world. We warmly recommend the following colleagues for all aspects of sales aftercare (whether your instrument is under guarantee, or not), and regulation and repairs for your Camac harp.

Particular responsibilities

Contact us via email to discuss regulations in Europe, or for general information about our technician network.

Liza Jensen is our touring technician, based in NY and in charge of the USA, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

Nadav Konieczny is in charge of mainland China and Taiwan. 


Brandden Lassells

+61 2 4324 3100
[email protected]

Stephen Carter

+61 8 8339 2000
[email protected]


Valentin Ivanov

+359 886 627 796
[email protected]


Nadav Konieczny

卡玛卡竖琴的 中国大陆与台湾专属竖琴维修技师
微信: N52-5702824
手机 +972-52-5702824
电子郵件 [email protected]


Markus Schönfelder

Camac Berlin
+49 30 – 21 97 11 76
[email protected]


Nadav Konieczny

[email protected]


Akihiro Takada

+81 3 6712 5940
[email protected]

Ayumu Morita

+81 75-200-6581
[email protected]

The Netherlands

Frans and Jean-Pierre Castermans

+31 – 43 321 40 56
[email protected]

Michel Roels 

[email protected]
(lever harps only)

Jos van Zaane

+31 6 12454738
[email protected]


Yulia Mesa Intriago

[email protected]


Dalibor Bernatović

+386 2 250 22 97
[email protected]

Spain and Portugal

Alexander Granados

Camac Ibérica
+34 910063727
[email protected]



Nadav Konieczny

Camac 中國大陸與台灣專屬豎琴維修技師
Line ID: N52-5702824
WhatsApp: +972-52-5702824
電子有點: [email protected]

United Kingdom

Nigel and Alexei Tree

+44 20 7281 4619
[email protected]


Liza Jensen

[email protected]

Peter Wiley

[email protected]

Robert Hohlbauch

+1 360-696-4240
[email protected]



Steve Moss

+1 414 510 8448
[email protected]

Tomas Bell

+1 330 687 5034
[email protected]

Mike Lewis

[email protected]



Ed Galchick

[email protected]

John Pratt

+1 435 835 3541
[email protected]


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