Camac After-Sales Service

The Camac team is small and close-knit and we pride ourselves on providing a personal service to as many harpists as possible. We also want you to have easy access to key resources at the click of a mouse!

Each of our harps has been designed to be simple to adjust and maintain. This not only makes it easier and quicker for technicians to service our harps, but it also gives harpists a greater degree of independence. For example, between professional tunings you can use our rod-tuner to improve the precision of your harp’s tuning.

Our company is committed to offering you the longest warranty on the market. Our new lever harps are guaranteed for 5 years, and our new pedal harps are guaranteed for 10 years.





Contact the Camac technicians 

To ask about upcoming regulation tours in Europe, or to ask our technicians a question about your Camac harp, you can contact them using the form below. 


    Our international technicians 

    We are proud of our extensive network of certified technicians throughout the world. We warmly recommend the following colleagues for all aspects of sales aftercare (whether your instrument is under guarantee, or not), and regulation and repairs for your Camac harp.

    Particular responsibilities

    Liza Jensen is our touring technician, based in NY and in charge of the USA, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

    Nadav Konieczny is in charge of mainland China and Taiwan.