The Blue 47

The Blue 47

Electroacoustic Pedal Harp

Height:185 cm
Weight:35 kg
Range:47 strings, G00 - C45

maple (body), spruce (soundboard), beech (neck and base)


blue, mahogany, cherry wood, walnut, natural maple, black. Speciality finishes to order.

The straight-soundboard version of our big blue 47, the blue 47 was the first electric and acoustic pedal harp ever built! Joel Garnier launched it at the World Harp Congress in Paris in 1990, where it became an immediate sensation, and went down in history. Its clean amplification, reliability and full range make it an excellent, affordable choice for the professional harpist.  The Blue Harp name has become a synonym for the electric harp, and is a standard term in all musical spheres, from jazz and variety, to the most avant-garde new music.

10 years warranty