Large concert lever harp

Height:147 cm
Weight:13.8 kg
Range:38 strings, C00 - A36
Stringing:Kürschner© fluorocarbon for Excalibur (C00 to D26), lever harp wires (C27 to A36)
Woods:Maple and beech for the body, spruce for the soundboard
Finishes:Natural maple, cherrywood, walnut, mahogany, ebony, green, red. Custom finishes to order, soundboard decoration options

François Pernel 

Many years ago, Camac Harps were proud of their Excalibur harp, for musicians in need of a powerful, unique instrument. Like the mythical sword, this harp is no longer with us. But now, Excalibur rises again, in a new model! It is a large lever harp, offering very even string tension, a specially-designed soundboard, and an optimal balance of soundboard frequencies. Its sound is huge, astoundingly rich, and even.

Excalibur offers a new rapport between its new soundbox, large range conceived for all types of music, and contemporary string tension. It is a musical benchmark, offering the artist an innovative new relationship with their instrument.

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