From our hands…to yours

The harp community is hugely creative, diverse, close-knit and supportive. Camac Harps is proud to be part of this family.

Company sponsorship

From international competitions to community festivals, exclusive sponsorship to crowdfunding, Camac sponsors organisations and individuals throughout the world on a project basis. We are completely open-minded about the nature of each project: diversity creates the greatest number of thriving musical careers.

If you have a good idea – big or small, offline or online – we’re interested!

The Camac blog contains over 1000 articles which will give you a feel for who, how and what we sponsor. You can also read our sponsorship FAQ before sending a proposal to our Artist Relations department.

Community engagement

Think global, act local: in France and with our international partners, Camac believes in community close to home. Our touring events connect international stars with the youngest harpists, in accessible local venues and always free of charge. We achieve this thanks to the precious collaboration of teachers far and wide: their work is the foundation of the musicians and audiences of tomorrow.

Another highlight of our calendar is Harpes au Max!, organised by the government of Pays d’Ancenis, our home region. Now in its third edition, this festival has harps take over the whole of Ancenis and its surrounding villages. Concerts, workshops, lectures, interactive sessions and a host of other events are held in performance venues, libraries, cinemas, schools, hospitals, retirement facilities and other community centres across the region. Read more about Harpes au Max 2016 & 2018; keep an eye on our agenda for the announcement of 2023’s programme.

For a year now, we have also been running our “Harp for all” project, which allows absolute beginners to spend the day learning the harp with an experienced and friendly teacher! 

Responsible and sustainable manufacture

Camac prioritises the quality control and sustainable supply chains of all-European manufacture. We have been an “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Company of Living Heritage) since 2007, This is an award for companies who underpin the economic and cultural identity of France.

We will provide documentation of our fiscal and social good practice to our partners, as well as for commercial offers.

Our manufacture only uses certified sustainable-source woods and polyester-free varnishes. Our wood chippings, sawdust, hydraulic oils and metal offcuts are recycled, and the energy-efficiency of our factory equipment is checked annually.

Read an article about our soundboard wood

Sustainability partnerships

Diverse partnerships enable us to contribute more value, more widely.

Working with One Tree Planted, we plant a tree for every harp we make. Read more

We work with ESAT for an inclusive workforce.

As sponsors, we also regularly collaborate with music outreach projects. These include DEMOS, Clarsach for Communities, and the “Comment ça marche ?” workshops of the CSFI.

Camac Harps is one of the first winners of the “Luthiers et facteurs de France” label, created by the Chambre Syndicale de la Facture Instrumentale (CSFI). Commitment to responsible manufacture is a key requirement of this label. 

If you would like more information about Camac’s CSR policies, please contact us.