Art Nouveau Gold
10 years warranty

Art Nouveau Gold

Concert Grand Harp

Height:188 cm
Weight:39 kg
Range:47 strings, 00G to 7C · G00 - C45

European cherry wood / Cerasus avium (body), spruce (soundboard), beech (neck and base)


24-carat water gilding

Virtuoso expertise, in service of music

Top-of-the-range harps are at the heart of our house’s creations. The Art Nouveau Gold is the dazzling signature piece of our master artisans. The most noble woods and materials are selected with the highest possible standards, to bring out the elegance of the Art Nouveau’s motifs, emphasise its gracious and delicate lines, and do justice to the intensity and quality of the sound. This instrument boasts an original design by artist sculptor Jean-Bernard Jouteau. Each harp is born from the meeting of different specialist fields, in a long tradition of savoir-faire.