Gut-strung lever harp

Height:142 cm
Weight:15 kg
Range:38 strings, C00 - A36
Stringing:Nylon for gut-strung harp (C00 - F3), standard gut (E4 - D26), lever harp bass wires (C27 - A36)
Woods:Maple and beech for the body, spruce for the soundboard
Finishes:Natural maple, cherry wood, walnut, mahogany, ebony. Soundboard decoration options. High legs / low feet

Our 38-string Korrigan harps are ideal for harpists seeking a lever harp with gut strings. In many ways, the Korrigan’s design is inspired by the pedal harp: its gauge, spacing and string tension are identical. It is therefore also especially suitable for students who wish to move on to the pedal harp later. This harp comes with low feet or higher legs.

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