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Raw Essence: CAPRICE

Caprice is an artist with a unique personality, and one who is totally unusual in the context of the harp world. Caprice’s beginnings at the instrument were ordinary enough: “I started at the age of 8 or 9 at the conservatory on my mother’s initiative. My grandmother was a harpist and pianist. My brother played the piano, so I took up the harp. I was classically trained for about ten years.”

For many artists who play the harp in a popular jazz style, while the instrument itself holds an undeniable attraction, the discipline and rigour of a classical training can be hard to bear: “The truth is, I didn’t really want to play the harp or go to the conservatory. I had a great teacher, but I wanted to be a “normal” teenager (watch TV, have long nails!…). I begged my mother to stop, but she held firm! Then I stopped playing the harp altogether for 10 years.”

In the intervening time, Caprice began to establish herself in what she felt was her true métier: as that of a singer. It was in this way that, happily for us, Caprice was able to reconnect with the harp:  “I was a singer by trade, so it was only natural that I should start accompanying myself on the harp. Songwriting followed, and so began a wild adventure!” 

No artist exists in a vacuum, above all when an artist is out there performing their own original music. Inspiration is everything; it feeds your art and your creativity. As a singer and rapper, Caprice’s influences contribute not only to her instrumental skill, but her lyrical talent as well :

 “I listen to a lot of French rap and international pop, as well as electro and neo-classical piano.”  Caprice says of this eclecticism “I grew up listening to classical music and French chanson, and jazz was a big part of my life at certain points, too. So all these eclectic styles make me the artist I am today.” 

Naturally this inspiration translates to  individual artists, which is something so vital to the identity of a non-classical artist. “I’m a huge James Blake fan (who isn’t?! haha). I’m also a big fan of Orelsan! I can also mention Beth Hart (blues), Sting, Nina Simone, Queen, Olafur Arnaulds (neoclassical), Vald (Rap FR), Brad Mehldau.” 

It is unsurprising that Sting is one of her influences., an artist as well-known for his work for the police as for his more recent forays into 16th century song (John Dowland et al). As Caprice says: “there are as many artists as there are worlds!”

While a rich tapestry of rich influences helps to build the narrative and identity of songwriter, originality is the other magical, essential ingredient, and we dare to suggest that it is the harp which contributes this touch of original genius: “The harp is at the heart of the project: I use it to compose many of the pieces.  It adds a bewitching touch to an electro-pop universe, bringing softness and light to lyrics that are sometimes a little dark. So, she’s essential to my music and to the project, because it’s through her that I express myself.”

We are overjoyed that Caprice will share her originality, her stories and her music in concert on March 7 at L’Espace Camac in Paris,  and it is just the start of a very full and exciting year. 

As with any artist, classical or not, recording and purveying music is a primary objective: “The year 2024 promises to be full of exciting projects. With my musical accomplice, composer and beat-maker Laurent Dumont, we’re currently immersed in the creation of my second EP. It’s an intense process as we seek to capture the raw essence of our music, to find our artistic truth. We’re striving to create a work that resonates with our tastes, values and philosophy of life.”

You can experience this distillation of musical truth in reality too, after her concert chez nous,  Caprice will embark on   “L’INSOLITE TOUR”. A concert tour across France, Caprice and Laurent will be playing in somewhat unconventional venues in terms musical performances: “These concerts will take place in front of small audiences, creating an intimate and exclusive experience. To be in with a chance of attending these unique, free events, all you have to do is sign up for the Insolite Tour newsletter via the link in my Instagram bio (@jesuiscaprice)”

In her own words, and we couldn’t agree more: “It’s an exceptional musical adventure, and I can’t wait to share these unusual moments with the public.” 

Thank you for allowing us to share in the adventure, Caprice!

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