“Musicians need time to work with intensity and freedom.
I would like our Académie to be a dream week of music for outstanding artists of the future.” – Jakez François, President, Camac Harps

Together with our Polish partners MyHarp, we’re sponsoring the Poznan Autumn harp days. Raoul Moretti, Michał Zator and Paulina Kostrzewska are the headline artists, and MyHarp will also be in situ with a lever harp exhibition.

We are very proud to have sponsored ‘Convergence’, the debut album of the Charles Overton Group. We discovered Charles at the Camac Festival USA in California last year – and promptly re-invited him, to Lyon and to Washington DC! He masters standards you’d never dream possible on the harp; effortlessly reinterprets other styles, from Irish folk to 60s pop; and is equally eclectic within the jazz spectrum, ranging from lyrical simplicity to inquisitive, dissonant sound worlds. 

At the 2017 World Harp Congress in Hong Kong, we launched our “Canopée” and “Art Nouveau”. Now, discover them in Paris! L’Espace Camac will be transformed into an atelier, so that you can meet the artists behind these exceptional new instruments. In the evening, we are delighted to welcome you to a private concert at the Salle Cortot, given by Isabelle Moretti and Sylvain Blassel.

“You know, when you are in the right place and you do the right things, everything becomes simpler. Suddenly everything is right. I’ve reached that point in my life, and in my music—everything is simpler.” If you’re also looking for this, don’t miss Nikolaz Cadoret’s cover interview in Harp Column Magazine. And then: experience him live @ the Camac Festival USA, November 2017, Washington DC!

Geoffrey Secco and Rossitza Milevska are continuing to forge a new musical direction in Paris this autumn, linking music with the therapeutic effects of hypnosis.

Eduardo Betancourt and the Venezuelan Project have been performing at Berklee College of Music’s Summer in the City series. We are loving this video of their ‘Roots Medley’, with: Alexis Soto (percussion), Ali Tovar (e-bass), Carlos Capacho (cuatro), Josu Ortiz (piano), and of course Eduardo on the Camac EC llanera!

Together with Telynau Vining, our partners in Wales, we are co-sponsoring a series of touring workshops around the Wales International Harp Festival.

Congratulations to the prizewinners at the Camac Trophy, our annual Celtic harp prize at the distinguished Lorient Interceltic Festival.

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