Concert Lever Harp

Height:157 cm
Weight:17.5 kg
Range:38 strings, 1C to 6A · C00 - A36
Stringing:nylon for gut-strung harp (C00 - F3), Camac light gut (E4 - D26), Galli lever wires
Woods:beech and maple (body), spruce (soundboard)
Finishes:natural maple. Soundboard decorations, custom finishes to order

Alan Stivell

A renowned name for a prestigious instrument: our Stivell harp is the direct descendant, in an acoustic version, of Alan Stivell’s famous electric harp. Its appearance has even been designed by the famous Breton harpist himself, and his signature is engraved on a medal on the harp.

The Stivell is specially equipped with a double soundboard. The main soundboard is doubled by a reinforcement layer in the bass register, which increases the amount of wood set vibrating by the strings, and gives a particularly rich sound, and a perfect balance throughout the harp’s range. Combining pure lines, the finest materials, top-end finishes and advanced technology, the Stivell is without question a superb concert instrument.

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