EC Llanera 35

Llanera harp

Height:155 cm
Weight:9 kg
Range:35 strings (nylon), E1 - F35
Woods:Maple and beech for the body, cedar for the soundboard
Finishes:Natural maple, cherry wood, walnut, mahogany, ebony, blue. Integrated Ischell Box pickup and preamp system (option)

“The EC Llanera both has the identity of the arpa llanera I play, and is a state-of-the art harp of the highest new standard. Its traditional string tension is combined with wrapped bass wires for better intonation and resonance, brilliantly accurate levers, an improved soundbox and the rich, balanced acoustic sound that is the trademark of all Camac harps. It is also the first lever llanera, unlocking still more musical potential. Light and practical, with reliable standard tuning pegs and concert harp spacing for improved ease of playing, I am proud to give it my name.”

Edmar Castaneda

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