Electro Llanera 37

Electric llanera

Height:152 cm
Weight:7.8 kg
Range:37 strings (nylon), E1 - D37
Materials:Carbon fibre
Finishes:Any colour on request. "True Fire" special finish (option)

Camac’s adventures in South America began with the acoustic llanera, built on request for the the famous harpist Edmar Castaneda. Then, during a visit to Venezuela, Leonard Jacome told us of his dream: an electric, solid-body llanera, directly descended from the DHC Blue Light. Leonard wanted a very light harp in carbon fibre, with a pickup on every string.

The Electric Llanera’s extended range (37 strings, to low D), levers, and piezo-electric pickups have brought this llanera harp into the twenty-first century. It will be highly attractive to all harpists looking for powerful amplification possiblities, in the service of an innovative type of music.

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