Frequently Asked Questions


1. I’m not eighteen yet. Can you make an exception? My parents will sign a letter saying it’s fine.

The legal complexity of running courses for minors in France is such that – no, we’re sorry. See it as another reason to celebrate your eighteenth birthday!

2. What does “young client” mean? 

“Young client” means that your harp is a Camac – your pedal harp, because this is a pedal harp project. 

3. But my harp is a different make. Why is it an issue? 

This topic can be quite complex, and open dialogue about it is always welcome at Camac. By all means contact Helen if you have questions or feedback. 

It is one of our greatest sources of professional pleasure that we can give something back to the harp community, through sponsorship. We are able to do this because the money we invest in sponsorship comes from the sales of our harps. We also know very well that the choice of a pedal harp is always a big investment for a harpist. When it comes to significant pieces of individual sponsorship, like the Académie, it is simply not fair to sponsor somebody who has not invested in our harps, over somebody who has. 

We run many other events and opportunities which are open to all – follow these on our blog and agenda.

Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you!