• A hallmark of our season is the Camac Festival. This takes place every year in a French-speaking region (usually France, once Geneva), and including a big tenth anniversary in Nancy, 2015. We also took the concept to the West Coast of the USA, in Pasadena (2016), and to Washington, DC (2017). 

    The Camac Festival was born through our wish to celebrate the harp throughout our francophone home territory – because it is emphatically not the case that wonderful harpists and busy harp communities are only found in Paris! Each Camac Festival brings a wide range of international artists, regional professionals, students and harp-lovers together, across every possible musical genre. Our commercial team also aim to provide an exceptional sales and service opportunity, close to home for our clients in the area. We bring the biggest exhibition of the year, and a full team of technicians to carry out complimentary regulations. 


    Festival Camac 2018

    [email protected]

    +33 2 40 97 24 97‬

  • Rave Harps, Camac France and Camac Singapore & Malaysia are thrilled that Isabelle Moretti is visiting Singapore at the end of this month. This will also be the first presentation of the Camac Canopée Concert Grand in Singapore.

    More about the programme of concerts and masterclasses on the Camac blog.

  • We’re delighted to be the principal sponsors of the third edition of the festival, which is co-organised by the National University of Music Bucharest, and the Romanian Harpists Association. Celebrating more than 125 years of the harp in Romania in 2018, the festival is free of charge for all who attend. 

    On October 26th, Chantal Mathieu will give the opening recital, with a programme of French and Spanish music (you can get a great taste of this in Chantal’s fantastic discography – we love her Tournier interpretations, her recording of works by Granados, Albeniz and more, and her most recent, all-Damase CD). Chantal will be preceded by a Romanian harp ensemble of over twenty lever and pedal harps, performing a special programme arranged for the occasion by Mladen Spasinovici. 

    Day two – Saturday, October 27th – will begin with masterclasses with Chantal, and Maria Bîldea. There will also be a chance to hear the next generation, in the ‘Young Expectations’ concert. Romanian harpists Miruna Vidican and Ionela Brădean will give recitals – and in the evening, so too will Romania’s most famous harpist and Founder Director of the Bucharest Harp Festival, Ion Ivan-Roncea. He will give a very special concert, performing with his daughters Ioana Nicolescu (harp), and Ștefana Ivan-Roncea (violin). 

    On Sunday, October 28th, Chantal Mathieu will give a lecture: “Harpa Rediviva”, which has us all intrigued already. Ferenc Papfalvi, our luthier colleague in Hungary, will also give a class, on harp maintenance. The afternoon is another chance to explore Romania’s wealth of harp talent, and with many national premiers on the programmes. Performers include Iuliana Bolgari, Rozalia Pataki, duoCell’Arpa (Roxana Moișanu, harp, and Mladen Spasinovici,cello), and colleagues Rafael Butaru (violin), Cătălina Cîrciu (violin), Cătălina Filipescu(viola), Iulian Ochescu (piano). The festival’s closing recital will be given by Maria Bîldea, together with Marilena Dori (flute). Born in Bucharest and a former student of Ion Ivan-Roncea’s class, Maria is now Principal Harp with the National Radio Symphony Orchestra of Athens.

    Of course, your friendly Camac team will also be in situ with a harp exhibition! We are looking forward to many new discoveries and inspirations during this exciting long weekend. For further information, see the festival site

    Bucharest Harp Festival 2018

    Ion Ivan Roncea PhD, Founder Director
    tel. 0724510930
    [email protected]

    Mia Ionescu – Artistic Secretary
    tel. 021.3142637;

    Roxana Moișanu, Founder President of the Romanian Harpist Association
    tel. 0723672263
    [email protected]

    Florin Dinu, Founding Vice-President of the Romanian Harpist Association
    tel. 0722785378
    [email protected]

  • Our Prague Harp Festival will take place between November 2 – 3, 2018, organised by Barbora Plachá of Camac Harps Czech Republic. On the programme: concerts, masterclasses and workshops by Sylvain Blassel and Nikolaz Cadoret, a recital by the rising stars of the Czech harp scene, plus a special Camac exhibition. 

  • Isabelle Moretti, South Korea 2018To celebrate our new partnership with Shimro in South Korea, we are looking forward to a concert with Isabelle Moretti, at the Ilshin Hall in Seoul on November 5th, 7:30PM. Her programme includes works by Tournier, Debussy, Grandjany, Quintanilla, Albéniz, Ginastera, De Falla, and Pierné. She will also perform chamber music by Saint-Saëns, with special guest Dong-Suk Kang. 

    For ticket information, please contact Shimro

    This is also the first presentation of the Camac Canopée in South Korea. 

    Isabelle Moretti, recital in Seoul, November 2018
  • We will be celebrating our new partnership with Irish distributeur Musikkon, at Blessington Music in November. Clíona Doris, Denise Kelly and Tristan Le Govic will be joining us to offer you a fantastic programme of courses and concerts! From perfecting your technique, to immersing yourself in Irish repertoire and even how to look after your harp, there is something for everyone, across all levels and from classical to traditional music – with a few surprises thrown in. Don’t miss all tutors in concert at the end, with a special focus on Irish composers from Clíona and Denise, and a new programme from Tristan – Dañs

    Blessington Harp Weekend 2018

    Áine O’Neill
    [email protected]

  • At the end of November, Camac is visiting Poitiers for the first time! Sylvie Bouchetière, Nikolaz Cadoret and Arnaud Roy will lead you through a fine range of concerts and workshops, from the unusual chamber combination of harp, flute and bassoon, to exploring harp amplification and sound processing. On Sunday, November 25th, there will also be an open ensemble rehearsal for students from the harp classes of the region – if this is you, you are welcome to join in, and you can obtain the sheet music in advance from Sylvie Bouchetière. 

    There will also be a large Camac exhibition, and the chance to have your Camac harp regulated free of charge (reservation required). For regulations, please contact Enric De Anciola directly using the dedicated form

    Journées de la harpe à Poitiers
  • Vienna, classical music hub ever since the late eighteenth century, continues to be a city of music without compare. The unique Vienna State Opera and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra have been part of this tradition for the last 175 years. We’re very proud that the orchestra recently selected one of our Art Noveau Gold instruments to join them in their work. 

    On Sunday, December 16th and Monday, December 17th 2018, we are delighted to be co-organising, with Vienna Philharmonic co-principal harpist Anneleen Lenaerts,  two Christmas harp days in Vienna. These are designed to be an open window on the Viennese Classical world, a special event to which we are particularly looking forward. 

    First of all, students have the chance to sign up to play for Anneleen in a masterclass, which will take place on Sunday from 10AM. The idea is that active masterclass participants also share the stage with Anneleen Lenaerts in the evening concert, also at the Mozarthaus Vienna. You can, of course, play a different piece in the concert to the one in the masterclass. To apply, please send a short video (one taken on a mobile phone is fine) of you playing your concert piece, to Helen at [email protected]

    After the masterclass, Camac President, Jakez François, will give a conference on how Camac harps are made (4PM). Find out about the long French tradition of fine instrument-making, the innovations Camac has introduced to the traditional harp build over the years, and discuss with Jakez in person. 

    At 7PM, the young artists from the morning’s masterclass will perform, followed by Anneleen Lenaerts with solo harp repertoire on operatic and symphonic themes. 

    On Monday, December 17th, Charlotte Balzereit will give a class on orchestral audition excerpts. This is designed both for advanced students embarking on the audition circuit, and younger ones who are beginning to learn the repertoire. You need to have some excerpts prepared to performance standard, but it is up to you which ones, in order to make this class accessible to as many people as possible. You will also be able to ask Charlotte questions about the audition process. To register for this, please also send Helen an email with the excerpts you are going to bring. 

    In the afternoon, we are lucky to be able to offer course participants a private tour of the Vienna State Opera – before the perfect Christmas finale: Humperdinck’s Hänsel und Gretel. Camac Harps have a limited number of tickets available to participants at a special price of 20€. Apart from the opera tickets, entry to all events is free of charge, with reservation required

    At the Mozarthaus Vienna, we will also have a special selection of some of our best instruments, available for you to try throughout the event. 


    Christmas in Vienna 2018

    Helen Leitner, Artist Relations Manager

    Camac Harps

    [email protected]

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