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Harps are not without their logistical mysteries, especially at the beginning! Our guides will help you tune your harp, change strings, transport your harp, replace a lever…

Video guides

Harps are not without their logistical mysteries at the beginning. They have to be tuned, how to move them is not self-evident, strings have to be replaced – and your teacher, or your child’s teacher, cannot do all this for you every time. Our video guides will help you become au fait with all these issues.

Changing Strings

Using a Rod Tuner

“Pressing the Pegs”

Tuning your Lever Harp

Transporting Harps

Changing a Lever

Tuning your Pedal Harp

Harp Care FAQ

String Charts and Technical Manuals

Our string charts help you work out which strings you need to order for your Camac harp. You can also download PDFs of the technical manuals for our pedal, electroacoustic and electric harps.

Pedal harp technical manual

Pedal Harps: Owner’s Manual

Body harness manuel

Body Harness Manual for DHC 32

Electroacoustic Pedal Harp Technical Manual

Electric Harp Manual (Pedal)

Lever string chart

Lever Harp String Chart

Electroharp technical manual

Electric Harp Manual (Lever)

Pedal string chart

Pedal Harp String Chart (+ Gauges)

Blue Dictionary

Or, the amplifed harp from A-Z

All you ever wanted to know about amplifying harps – but were too afraid to ask…


Blue Dictionary

Download the Blue Dictionary (PDF, 482 KB)