Environmentally-aware, socially responsible

In 2007, the French government declared Camac Harps to be an “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Enterprise of Living Heritage). This is an award for companies who underpin the economic and cultural identity of France.

It is equally important to us to honour responsible practice concerning the environment, and conditions of employment for our magnificent workers. We have various measures in place, such as using only woods that are certified sustainable-source, polyester-free varnishes, minimal use of solvants, and recycling. These considerations are an integral part of our company ethos.

Wood ateliers

All woods used for Camac harps come from certified sustainable sources (FSC-PEFC). Our suppliers’ documentation is available on request. We are also currently in the process of acquiring our own FSC certification. We organize the collection and recycling of our sawdust and wood chippings. A local company (Barbazanges, in Chateaubriant – 44) uses them to make wood pellets for heating. When we renovated our workshops, we chose an air recycling and filtering system, to reduce energy consumption. This equipment’s efficiency is checked annually. The design of our pedal harp columns was also made to limit wood consumption.

Metal ateliers

We use no products containing solvents in the cleaning and degreasing of mechanism parts, after fabrication. All metal offcuts, and cooling of tools, are recycled in order to save energy. The Barbazanges firm in Chateaubriant collects the offcuts, cleans them, and sells them on to steelworks. The hydraulic oils are retreated and regenerated by the same specialist company. All our machines are contained in professional trays, an indispensable precaution to prevent pollution in case of leakage.

Varnish ateliers

We have not used any polyester-based varnishes for many years. At the time we boycotted polyester, we also initiated a project to develop water-based varnishes, research which continues to this day.

When we renovated our workshops, we invested in new varnish cabins, which are more efficient and cleaner. They are subject to regular checks, in order to adjust their extraction and ventilation systems, in line with official, responsible environmental practice (in this case, limiting the by-products from solvents). All our varnish products are contained in professional trays, and in a designated area, in order to avoid pollution in case of leakage.

Social policies

Camac Harps is up-to-date with all financial obligations, taxes, duties, etc. We will provide proofs of our fiscal and social good practice to our partners, as well as in the context of commercial offers.

  • Voluntary Workers’ Committee
  • Profit-sharing agreement with Camac employees
  • “Family” social insurance policy for employees
  • Long service premium
  • In accordance with the laws concerning reduction of working hours, we operate a 35-hour working week across four days, with the fifth day (off) chosen by the employee.