• The next Concours Français de La Harpe in Limoges will take place between February 28th – March 1st, 2020. Not been before? Feel curious? Read about 2019’s competition on the Camac blog! 

  • The East of France boasts a particularly vibrant harp scene – it was in Nancy that we celebrated ten years of the Camac festival in 2015, and had to put up giant screens outside the town hall for all the concert visitors who couldn’t get a place inside! 
    On March 21-22, 2020, we return East to Saint Louise, for a Camac weekend featuring: 
    – a special exhibition for the duration of the festival
    – a workshop and concert with François Pernel
    – a concert given by the students of Caroline Grandhomme
    – a lecture about harp performance by Philippe Villa
    – free regulations of Camac harps by one of our senior technicians
    Our warmest thanks to the municipal authorities of Saint Louis, and Caroline Grandhomme, without whom this project could not have come to fruition! 

    Please reserve via the sign-up form on this page. 

  • The programme is out for the Godefroid Harp Competition 2020. There are four categories defined by level, and only one age limit (35). You have until March 1st, 2020 to enter, and the competition itself will take place between April 16 – 19 2020, in Tournai in Belgium. 

    This distinguished contest, now in its eighth edition, is widely-recognised as an excellent way to gain experience on the international competition circuit. Curious harpists will also find preparing it particularly satisfying. The competition celebrates the impressive line-up of harpist composers who all come from Wallonia, and provides the perfect motivation to explore this extensive, lyrical, and often little-known repertoire more deeply. The Camac blog has some more to say about this here

  • The third edition of Harpes au Max will take place between May 14 – 17, 2020! This is a very special event in our calendar, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is a harp festival on a large and highly diverse scale. The harp is fully represented in all its many facets, with artists invited from all over the world. 2020’s artists are still being announced, bit by tempting bit, but a look back at 2018 and 2016‘s editions will give you a good idea of the richness of the festival programming – and, we promise you, with no sign of slowing down this time! 

    Moreoever, most harp events take place before an audience of harpists. Harpes au Max, on the other hand, is a community festival, filling the town of Ancenis and its environs with harps, and bringing our instrument in all its creativity and diversity to an enthusiastic general public. While we supply instruments, and Jakez François is the festival’s Artistic Director, Camac does not organise Harpes au Max. Everything is masterminded by the civic authorities of the Ancenis region (Communauté de communes du Pays d’Ancenis, the COMPA). The Pays d’Ancenis is the region of Brittany where the Camac workshops have always been based: Harpes au Max is not only for the community, but our community, where we are at home. 

    For more information as the programme is released, keep a close eye on the Harpes au Max website. As the festival approaches, there will also be plenty to read on the Camac blog.


    Harpes au Max: official site

  • We will be back in North London for the annual competitions we have sponsored in the capital for over a decade. This event provides competition experience in a supportive atmosphere, for harpists living and/or studying in the UK and Ireland, and with classes from beginner level to young professional. Our collaboration with the excellent London music and literary festival, the Proms at St Jude’s, continues; a lunchtime recital will be offered to the winner of the U30 Camac prize. 

    A big thank-you in advance also goes to 2020’s jurors: Caryl Thomas, Head of Harp Studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and Sally Pryce, Principal Harp with the Aurora Orchestra

    The NLF website is in the process of being updated for 2020. If you’d like to receive an email once the entry form is active, please contact Helen Leitner and we’ll put you on our list! 

    Helen Leitner

    Artist Relations Manager

    Camac Harps

    [email protected]

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